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Steam Cleaning Carpets



            Most of us go for carpeting our floors as they add to the beauty of our own sweet home. But, unfortunately, the chances of your magnificent carpet getting real filthy are very high. Don’t worry!! You have the perfect solution for this problem in the form of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning could be done by yourself and you absolutely do not need to hire experts to handle your chores.


            These days, you enter any home and the first thing to capture your attention would be the lovely carpets that adorn the floors. Carpets are one of the most exquisite items that enhance the looks of our homes. A good-looking carpet not only improves the aesthetics of your home, but also enhances your stature by portraying your taste in good light!! Alas, every good thing would have an adversary and in this case, it is in the form of dirt. The carpets can turn against you in no time once they become filthy and can become an eyesore. It could be your little son walking on the carpets and soiling them, your guests accidentally dropping some juice you offered to them, could be even your lovely pet dog or cat staining them. A good carpet can be made dirty very easily within seconds and hence it is really tough to try and avoid such situations. That is why; taking good care of the carpets becomes a necessity and carpet cleaners become important. From the name CARPET itself, u can find the word PET, meaning carpets have to be taken care like your own pets!!



            Cleaning your carpets is not as difficult as they seem to be, only if you choose the right method and be acquainted with that method!! One can keep the carpets looking as good as new over the years by resorting to steam carpet cleaning procedure. Using regular vacuum cleaners could prove effective against dust, but this cleaning procedure could prove futile once your carpet is stained and dirty. Carpet cleaning using steam is very effective and makes your carpet as attractive and fabulous as never before!! Let us first see the steps involved in this method and a few tips on it.


            Before venturing into steam cleaning of carpets, there are some precautions to be considered. One must pick out the right steam cleaner that exactly suits your needs. These steam cleaners come in affordable prices and an investment in this could prove really effective and useful in the long run. It is better to go for these carpet cleaners as they have a long life, are very effective in cleaning and saves you from spending a lot on calling the professionals for doing the job. These steam cleaners are available in all stores and laying hands on them is not a huge problem. Once you purchase a good steam cleaner, do not employ it on the carpets immediately. One has to first vacuum the carpets so that any loose dust particles and surface dirt is got rid off. This ensures the effectiveness of your steam cleaning. Make sure that the carpet area is free from furniture as they can be a big hindrance in your cleaning job. Next, inspect your carpet thoroughly for any stains and if you find any, do not forget to pre-treat them with pretreatment spray solutions available in the market. The stain must be soaked in this spray for 15-20 minutes at least. This is a very important process and hence take care that you do this step properly. These precautions are recommended as they would really be useful in your work.


            Now, let us set eyes on the actual steam cleaning process. First, one has to fill the steam cleaner with an appropriate mélange of cleaning solution and hot water. Now, you must be wondering what the appropriate amount is!!  Stop wondering!! Every steam cleaner would carry instructions on the right amount of cleaning solution and hot water to be used. And mind you, the water has to be HOT enough so that steam is produced!! You are finally ready to use your steam cleaner in cleaning your carpet. Always ensure that you start cleaning from the farthest corner of the carpet and make sure that you have an escape route after cleaning a particular area and you are not cornered while cleaning. This is necessary because if you are in a corner and finished cleaning a particular spot, you will have to tread on the newly cleaned wet area of your carpet to come out of the corner. Also, let the area be of a small radius which allows us to focus on the stains in a better fashion.


While cleaning, the motion of the carpet cleaner is very important. Please avoid moving the cleaner too swiftly on the carpet area as carpet steam cleaning machine simply would not have enough time to accurately act on the dirt and stains it was meant to attack. . Employing a slow back and forth motion, begin cleaning the carpet forcing the solutions into it while pushing the steam cleaner forward and pull back slowly as the machine is sucking the wetness and dirt out of your carpets. It is recommended to spend around 20-30 seconds on a particular part of the carpet area for much efficiency. Now-a-days, almost all steam cleaners have a place that lights up if it senses that you are moving the machine too quickly! After finishing the job in a specific spot, continue to focus on the rest of the carpet area and start the cleaning act in this fashion. You can see the results visually right away without much delay!! At last, once you complete cleaning the entire carpet, make certain that you do not step on the carpet or place any of the furniture back for at least 2 to 3 hours till it gets completely dry. Don’t forget to clean out your steam cleaner as the grimy water in the cleaner starts stinking pretty bad over a period of time!!




            Steam carpet cleaning - Isn’t it very simple??? One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow these easy and undemanding cleaning steps and make their carpet brand new, all over again!! By way of these tips, there is no reason why your next carpet cleaning process should come out less than perfect. You are bound to grow in confidence once you start doing and next time, when some guest comes to your home, your new-look carpet is sure to make him dumbstruck!!!