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Carpet Cleaning Explained

some tips can be fun all the way!

Carpet cleaning has become much more inevitable with the increase in pollution. People living in metros are compelled to clean their carpets at least once in a week. There are a lot of ways of cleaning a carpet. Of course, a lot of it depends on the type of carpets used. Whether they are thick and course or thin and smooth, there are different techniques to handle each of these cases. Knowledge of these knacks is the only thing that differentiates carpet cleaners from standard homemakers. Any chore has its own set of tips and guidelines that tend to make it much easier and effective. And, certainly carpet cleaning has got its share of those that could make it rather an interesting household activity.

Guidelines for carpet cleaning

The guideline for carpet cleaning focuses primarily on selecting the appropriate way of carpet cleaning given the texture of the carpet and constraints of the situation.

    As mentioned earlier, there can be two kinds of carpets. The rough synthetic type can be handled the harder way. It can be shampooed and washed or cleaned using a machine without much care. Experts prefer steam cleaning or extraction method to deal with this kind of floor covering. The other kind, the smooth one, probably made from wool has to be handled in a delicate way. Mild shampooing or brushing using a soft brush would be considered the appropriate way to deal with these carpets that are made out off natural fibers. Or, the so called ‘dry powder method’ carries out cleaning in smooth carpets.

There are primarily two types of carpet cleaning- dry carpet cleaning and wet carpet cleaning. The latter involves usage of water and soaps and ample time to get dried while the former is preferred by carpet cleaners . Also, dry carpet cleaning is pretty simpler and less expensive compared to wet carpet cleaning and can be done without the service of a carpet cleaner .

Then, the solution to be employed is noticed and acquired. This is done by analyzing the type of stain on the carpet. The solution used must not only remove the stains and make the carpet look beautiful but also fight the germs and bacteria present in it. The most effective way to remove the stains in the carpet is by cleaning it just as soon as possible, not letting them to dry. Even if they do, it is possible to remove them completely, but at the cost of some extra effort.

Carpets deserve to be surface cleaned mandatorily once in a week. That involves vacuuming or just brushing up the surface of the carpet. Deep cleaning should be done once a month to remove dust particles accumulated well hidden in the carpet mass. To make it more effective, surface cleaning is done prior to deep cleaning.

These guidelines are followed by every carpet cleaner and I find no reason why you shouldn’t try it out by yourself.


  Carpet cleaning tips

Certain basic tips with reference to carpet cleaning include traversing the vacuum cleaner over a specific spot in a crisscross manner rather than just giving a single stroke. This technique would make sure your carpet is very much surface cleaned and that all the loosely held dust particles are completely removed before deep cleaning.

Before using any kind of solution check its quality on the far end of your carpet to avoid getting your carpet stained by the so called stain remover that has been bought in a low quality store.

The presence of stains adds fuel to the fire. As mentioned before, if it is detected earlier there is betterment in the amount of effort spent. The spill is to be cleaned using a towel as soon as possible. It is to be made sure that you don’t press hard on the flooring because that could leave your carpet damaged. As the delay keeps increasing, the stain gets its hold on the carpet and refuses to leave it until a very big effort of ours! These stains are to be cleaned from outside, inward. This will make certain that the stain doesn’t spread outward.   

Removing wax from carpet would be perceived as a challenging task as well. But, do not worry, because there are much easier ways to do it. One of them is to use iron. A damp cloth is placed double folded over the wax and iron, in its lowest setting is made to work over it in a circular motion. This process should be repeated quite a few times before the wax comes off.

Presence of chewing gums and adhesives on your carpets can cause a greater havoc as they are very sticky. This problem can be solved by first scraping out most of the portions of the gum or the adhesive. Then, the iron technique used to remove wax as mentioned earlier is carried out to remove the remaining stains of the gum. And, be very careful not to place the iron directly over the carpet. This could definitely burn your carpet down!

The problem predominant in the group of pet lovers is the maintenance of the flooring or rugs against the urine or other stains posed by their pets. Furry animals tend to lose hair so often that it could create a big menace in households. Carpet cleaners come to grips with this issue in a very professional way. Of course, unhygienic and threat causing things like these will be better controlled by a carpet cleaner rather that our indulgence. They first vacuum the hair and other dust particles. After that, to remove other stains like urine stain and dirt, enzyme solutions are used. They kill the germs that might be very dangerous and also the odor making the environment dust free and hygienic as well.  

Carpets are even considered as decorative items. People put in a lot of money to buy nice and beautiful carpets. Something of such a high value deserves high maintenance to make your home one of the cleanest places on the planet! And, carpet cleaners assist you in that!