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Green Carpet Cleaning

Go Green along with eco friendly carpet cleaners!

Carpets have become an integral part of every decor. Though carpets might be used for decorative purpose, carpet cleaning has gained importance lately. Like any other process, carpet cleaning also has many methods that the carpet cleaners follow. In this era of global warming it’s now very essential to go green and follow eco friendly methods in carpet cleaning. It has lot of advantages over the other method for the same or even cheaper rate sometimes.

With the world moving so fast most of us are turning out to be cleanliness freaks and we always want to make sure that our things look far better than others. With kids and pets around it’s often a very difficult task to maintain the house and car. Carpets are often with lot of strains, dust and dirt – a normal scene at every house.  Like how we regularly clean our utensils, toilets, fridge etc it’s so very important to clean the carpets and thus protect the family from diseases like asthma.

Carpet cleaners are called to clean up the carpets and make them dust and strain free. This is growing as a very profitable business. Often, the carpet cleaners use the steam method to clean the carpets using hot water to remove deep strains from it.

As we always want things to happen very quickly and efficiently we go for industrial and domestic carpet cleaners. This does not let us come out of the myth that anything eco- friendly is not effective or that it doesn’t give good results. This is absolutely untrue. The eco- friendly methodology is as good as the other methods of carpet cleaning. When chosen the right carpet cleaner he can prove how effective this method can be.

When we follow the eco – friendly methodology to clean the carpets it’s important to not how much water do the carpet cleaner uses. When the water used is high, this could turn out to be the breeding ground for bacteria. This could also end up in longer drying time. This will not be possible during slightly humid days. Hence, we should make sure that carpets take only less than 6 hours to dry. Therefore, at most care has to be taken.

This is the reason why the low – flow technology is often recommended. In this the machines use very less water and thus very less waste. If the dirt deposits are very high in the carpets its better to go for the steam cleaning method. In this hot water with a temperature of about 210 F is used to clean the carpets and remove the hard strains off it. It is ideal to always clean the carpets with vacuum cleaners first, then spray the solution and then comes the usage of the carpet cleaners.

The purpose of the machine is to inject water and the solution on to the carpets and then extract the dirt, strains and the liquid out of it. Right choice of extractors is very important. Whether it’s the solution or the carpet shampoo we use to clean, it’s better to go for a good and an effective eco – friendly product.

Despite, all these the solution we use to clean should be a plant based one. So that it is bio degradable and safe. Its better to buy products that is checked and approved by independent labs. These solutions should also have the capacity to enter into the molecule level of the dirt particles and break them down so that it can be washed off. The eco – friendly solution selected should also have the capacity to crystallize around the dirt particles so that no residue will be left behind. These crystals can be removed using extraction method.

A complete cleaning experience can be undergone only by those carpet cleaners who use an eco – friendly method of cleaning. This method uses low flow technology which not only ensures less usage of water but also less time for the carpets to dry. Thus, growth of bacteria is prevented. Using the green method of cleaning even the toughest strain and dirt can be cleaned in a much easier way. This ensures a clean carpet and also the waste becomes a biodegradable one harming none with out traces of harmful chemicals.

There are several green carpet cleaning chemicals available in the market. According to the usage and liking they can be chosen. Among those, sodium salt sodium tripolyphosphate. This might sound like a pure chemical. But, this is an eco – friendly solution. The added advantage of this green chemical is that it has good detergency quality in it. This quality makes it much easier for the extraction equipment to remove soil from the carpets.

The solution is first sprayed on the carpet, then it is rubbed using a brush to release dirt and other soils and then extracted with a cleaning solution containing a large amount of water. This contains a small amount of surfactant to make the water wetter and a ph balancer to restore the carpet to a neutral pH.

The water that we use in the solution can either be hot or cooler, even cold as per the customers approach, the lesser cleaning effect of cold water can be made up by more agitation and increasing the dwell time.

The equipment used for cleaning the carpets would be a hot water extraction machine with powerful pumps and vacuums. This leaves the carpet only with dampness and not dirt. Sofas and other upholstery in the house or office can also be very effectively cleaned using this green method.

Many carpet cleaners feel that only the eco – friendly methodology of cleaning gives the best results. Thus, carpets and upholstery can be cleaned thoroughly using the green and the safe method. This also makes sure that the people, pets and the cleaners are not harmed because of the usage of chemicals.

Many manufactures also offer green alternatives for carpe cleaning. This method is not too costly compared to other methods. This can be done with the same amount which is spent generally. Almost all parts of the world are now covered with this green carpet cleaning method.

The world is immensely getting degraded due to our acts. Global warming is affecting our day to day life and also Mother Nature is in danger. This is the right time to do our every bit to save the earth by going green in what we do. Even green carpet cleaning has its part!!!