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The future of carpet cleaning

Contemporary Generation Carpet Cleaning!


Carpets have become an integral part of every interior decor. Like any other process, carpet cleaning also has many methods that the carpet cleaners follow, due to many reasons. Technology is seeing its era of boom. In what ever we do impact of technology is felt. Even carpet cleaning has got the new generation methods that help them in maintain the carpets clean, time saving and do not damage the quality of the carpets also.


Carpets are the common floor covering in most of the buildings these days, which we keep cleaning often. Carpets have certain qualities like – inviting, sound absorbing, capture the dust and keep the building and air dust free. If the carpets are not maintained properly, this could make the building look very dirty and also gives a negative impression about the company, house and on the cleaning staffs of the place. Once if we follow the right method of cleaning and the right chemicals for it, maintenance of carpets become an art and will no more be an impossible task. Before we get into the new generation carpet cleaning, it is essential to understand that certain steps are to be taken care of at the first place.

·        Should make sure that the cleaning staffs have proper training and knowledge about the whole carpet cleaning process

·        Equipment used should be right and maintained well

·        Right choice of chemicals is very important. Green chemicals can be made use of as it is eco – friendly

·        Proper usage of the chemical chosen is also equally important

The normal floor is often cleaned by us. At least twice a week we make sure it is cleaned well. When it comes to the carpets we often use only vacuum cleaners and go for carpet cleaning process only twice a year. Many carpet cleaners fail to train their staff properly. This leads to improper cleaning methods and they tend to use wrong chemicals for the process. This not only spoils the carpet but also make sit vulnerable to attracting dust particles very soon.

We often find carpet cleaning contractors using hot water extraction method or the low moisture method for cleaning the carpets. The hot water method removes the dirt and debris by letting the clean water circulate and lets the detergents clean through the carpet. Water pressure and vacuuming together creates the force needed to remove the dirt from the carpet fibers. When the low moisture method is used, the detergent is sprayed on to the carpet, gives it dwell time, and then forces it into the fibers of the carpet. Then the chemicals are removed using vacuum cleaners.

All these could be one of the widely followed methods of carpet cleaning, but the new generation cleaning has become more popular. Encapsulation is the method that has gained more fame and people’s faith as the proper cleaning technique. This can clean the carpets more easily and effectively with a very satisfactory result.

The main thing we need to understand about the carpet cleaning chemicals is that they are very sticky. They are prepared such that because they can easily attract dirt and make it stick on to them. An encapsulating cleaning compound surrounds dirt on the carpets with a crystallizing polymer. The polymer dries to become a hard crystal type material, which we will vacuum clean later. There is a small amount of sticky residue that is left behind after cleaning. The residues are generally left behind by very inexperienced cleaners and this attracts the dust on to it very soon making the carpets look dirty again in a short span.

Encapsulation technology is very effective in removing most of the carpet soil and the detergents used in the carpet cleaning process. However, the effectiveness of this encapsulation procedure can vary for many reasons:

* The type of carpet that is being cleaned

* The type of chemical being used for the cleaning process

* Effectiveness of the carpet cleaning equipment used

* The skills and knowledge of the carpet cleaning technician (or cleaning crew) whom we hire

If these problems are not addressed with at most care the carpets as told before will regain the dust and soil very soon. The whole cleaning process goes waste. We would have noticed the spots reappearing even after cleaning the carpets. This is called wicking. When the spills go deep into the carpet and dissolve they tend to climb up the carpet fibers and from the wicks when not cleaned properly. They are like the candle wicks. They do not go until the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and are dried properly.

Which ever company we chose to clean the carpets, they too will leave behind little amount of residue in the carpets. The stickier the chemicals the more quickly the carpets get dirty again. This attracts more of soil on to it. Using proper carpet cleaning techniques and method are very important. And using products that contain an encapsulating compound that reduces the effects of sticky detergents will be effective for a long time in keeping the carpets clean and dust free. Clean carpets make the company and the building look cleaner and will leave the public with a very good impression.

The frequency of how many times the carpets are to be cleaned depends on the nature and type of the carpets used and the placement of the carpets. Having pets and kids in house makes it even worse to maintain the carpets clean. This often makes the carpets dirty and with lot of strains and smell. During such situations frequent cleaning is important. When patients are at home maintaining the carpets clean becomes the major concern.

There are several carpets cleaning machines that are available in the markets today. When it comes to the new generation of carpet cleaning one has to make sure that all the above discussed points are taken care of and the right machines and methods are used for the cleaning process which has to ensure a clean, degrease, disinfectant, germ free, odor free carpets.

The new generation machines makes the cleaning process simple, time saving and an efficient one. The machines that are available in the markets are used for several other purposes too.  They can be used for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, windows, clothes, toys etc. they can be used in places such as house, office, building, labs, hospitals, restaurants, auto beauty and any where were we want to maintain cleanliness and beauty.